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Valentines Zumba

Last night was so fun!! It was the 3rd annual Valentines Dance for Zumba! Every year they have all the girls invite their guys to come and Zumba with us! Oh man, you guys it was so much fun. For the first two songs I laughed until I cried because hubs and his buddy were freaking out. On our way to Zumba hubs friend texted “I’m so nervous!” Hahaha, bunch of babies. Samantha and I reminded them that we went and did Davis’ really hard workout that he does every Saturday with them, and we weren’t whining about it. . . They didn’t care. lol. Samantha and I have come to accept that are hubs are much more dramatic than we are. :)

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20140213_201155 (2)

All the boys. :) It was a class I had a smile on the whole time. It was great just watching them laughing or doing crazy dance moves because they couldn’t keep up with the instructor. Zumba is no joke! It took me at least a month to somewhat know what I was doing. 3 months until I felt confident. So if you try Zumba, take it from me, a super uncoordinated person, you wont get it the first go round. But you keep coming because it is SO MUCH FUN. If you do get it the first go round… just. don’t. talk. to. me.


20140213_201619 (2)

Us girls with our awesome Zumba Instructor- Ericka. Boys in background playing basketball. Samantha and I had to get them to stop playing because we were starvinggggg. Otherwise they would have played all night.


20140214_090224 (2)

I of all people despise all the flower pictures that will be posted on social media today. But this was too cute to not put on the blog for me to remember years down the road. I usually wake up at 6am with hubs and help him get lunch together, but he had me sleep in today, and this is what I woke up to when I went into the kitchen this morning. *awwwww* He’s getting more romantic you guys.


Happy Lovers-Valentines-ValenKINDS-Friday!

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