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Walkin’ on Sunshine…

 I’ve been a bit MIA this week.

 Blaming it on Beans.  (That’s the puppy. Not anything related to actual eating of  beans. *thank goodness! haha* )

 He takes up a lot of my time. But. I really love him.

 We may have found a nice family to take him though… They have two little boys, and the mom stays at home. So we will see if that happens…

 He would be happy.

 I will cry though.

He is the best napping buddy. He is such a cuddle buddy. He follows me everywhere I go.

Brannon says we can keep him, but in my heart I know he would be so much happier with a couple kids he could play with all the time, and a mommy that would be home all the time. *sigh*

 On a happy happy note! Its has been GORGEOUS outside!! I love sitting outside, drinking my tea, and doodling in the morning. *happiness*

 I think I am FINALLY going to get to go to the farmers market today! I know.. I said I was going last week, but I didn’t get the chance. So today my mom promised she would go with me.

 ** See mom- its on the blog, you can’t not go now!! hehe

 Maybe I can talk her into going to the thrift store with me too… Gonna have to make sure she reads this blog post this morning. :))

 Also, this weekend we are going to all (my whole family) go on a fun bike ride around their new neighborhood. Its super nice with TONS of walking trials, bridges, and water. I can’t wait to spend more time outside!! 

  What about you? Do you have any fun plans for today or this weekend? I would love to hear about them. :))

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  1. I think you are right about Beans being happiest with kiddos and a stay at home mommy! I already feel guilty about when I go back to working full time. but I know you will make the best choice for the cute little guy ( :

    Enjoy the farmers market! I loveeeee locally grown fresh fruits and veggies!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you will be losing your furry-friend – but what a mature decision. It takes a lot for someone to give up a pet they love dearly, but it sounds like you are making the best choice for your little guy. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks again for swinging by my blog!

  3. Just waiting for you to quit taking pics of Mr. Beans…! jk I know you really love him, but I think you are making the right decision. He needs someone to be with all the time. Such a sweet little thing that NEEDS to be cuddled and loved a lot. You will know when it is the right timing for a furry friend and it will feel right all the way around. Until then, Lucy & Zoe are here for you. ;)
    See you soon!
    Much love, Mom

  4. You are such a brave girl! I know I would want to keep the cutie pie- but kids always make pets happy!!
    Hoping you make it the the Farmer’s Market- it is on my wish list to do once this summer!!
    I love summer-y weather!! I love being outside and I love shorts and sandals!!
    Hope you have an awesome Friday!!

  5. such a pretty dog. sorry you may have to find him another home but your doing it for the right reasons. Our dog is super full of energy and I have to take him to my parents house (5hrs away) when I know I’m going to have busy weeks.

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