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Wanderlust – USA Travel List

Wanderlust (n): a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

I’ve got a severe case of wanderlust right now. I haven’t had the desire to get away, explore places I’ve never been, see new things … in quite a while. Dealing with anxiety for the majority of last year kinda did me in. It was exhausting, debilitating, and made me want to stay at home and hide from the world.

Now that I have been able to manage it *knock on wood* lately the desire to go and do new things has been taking over me! I can’t wait for the day when we own a house with some land (not much, mind you, just an acre or two). Something where we can have a spot to park a little trailer. I don’t want a big one, just something cute and comfy for two, and it must have a bathroom. Just a toilet is fine, doesn’t have to have a shower. But this girl ain’t gonna go out to the woods or even the park bathroom when its the middle of the night! Hellooooo anxiety! Maybe that’s something I’ll conquer at some point but right now is not the time.


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So… where to travel to? Here are some trips on the list:

  • Disney World. Yes, I know, not the most adventurous place, but I haven’t been since I was a kid and hubs hasn’t ever been! So yes- Disney World & Epcot are on the list. AND I want to stay at a resort that’s close or connected to one of the parks. We did this when I went on a girls trip to Disney Land and being able to just walk from the hotel into the park was amazing!
  • East Coast Road Trip – The plan is to fly to one end of the East Coast and spend an entire week driving down to the other end, and flying out at another airport! Where we will stop, we do not know. This trip is in the books for next summer and we’re so excited!
  • Maine – I’ve never been that far northeast, the furthest I’ve been is to Niagara Falls, and I would love to go explore some little towns in Maine, eat delicious fresh lobster, and find cute little knitting shops. Because you just know that in Maine there are knitters there because hello – cold.
  • Oregon. Why? Because I’ve never been! I want to go somewhere along the coast… anyone have any suggestions?
  • A Caribbean Cruise. Preferably Disney because apparently, I am still 5 years old. I mean, there are adult pools and restaurants so I can enjoy my margarita in peace, but still, be entertained by Disney shows and get my picture taken with Mickey Mouse. Sounds like a win-win to me!
  • Ski Trip – this is one hubs put on the list. He used to ski with his family every year and loved it. I have had one experience with skiing (yes, only one even though I’m from Colorado). It was not a good experience. Memories are not pleasant. But he has told me he’ll take ski lessons with me since he used to snowboard. So, we shall see.
So many vacations, so little vacation time. *womp womp*
What’s on your USA travel list, and what do I need to add to the list?


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  1. Oooh if you go to Maine I’ll meet you there! I have two aunts that live and I’ve been there once and am dying for to go back!

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