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Watermelon Attack!

 So… totally ditched school today. *oops*

 Today we were just sketching and coming up with ideas for our projects. Why go to school for that when I can sit outside in the gorgeous sunshine and sketch instead? ….


 So.. In my illustrator class we have to design a poster for the End Of The World!! ie- whatever the heck you want, but how you think it will look like when the world ends.

 So… I don’t want this to be a serious poster. Cuz. That would be lame, and I’m not into the whole sci-fi thing. So then it would be Biblical and I don’t really know whats gonna happen so then it would be lame because whatever I come up with wont be as amazing as when Jesus comes back..

So I think I’m gonna go out on a limb and say… “WATERMELONS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE EARTH!!!”

 Anyone else have something more clever than that?

 (please tell me your ideas- cuz obviously I’m running on crazy.)


 *Back to Reality*

 I am so excited to introduce to you one of my sponsors for this month. The lovely Katlyn from The Dreamy Meadow

Hi, I’m Katlyn! I blog over at The Dreamy Meadow about being a military wife and young mother.
I share stories, DIY’s, and even have a Bloggy Book Club!
 So stop on by and let’s become friends in this wonderful little blog-o-sphere!
 xoxo Katlyn
 So hop on over and check out her blog! Tell her Bree sent you! :)) 
Have a great Tuesday! Watch out for the watermelons! <33 

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