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I created an art piece last night that reminds me of this image. You may have seen it on instagram. It said, “Don’t worry, rain brings a rainbow.” It came to me as I started to draw rain drops, because I didn’t know what else to draw and I was inspired by their shape. However as I was working on them I realized I wanted them to go the other way, but I had used pen. So not wanting to waste the paper, I kept going. Then started thinking about color. So I have rain drops on the top that are in dark blues and then on the bottom, under the text, the rain drops turn to colorful drops. I really liked it. I need to re-create it and touch it up and show you guys.

 So comfortable and so FALL! Can’t wait to wear leg warmers and boots. They say to use old sweater arms and cut them to use them as leg warmers. Sounds like a fabulous idea… except if you’re like me, do you ever have any sweaters you want to cut up? … maybe this is where I could use a thrift shop! Seeing as how… yeah, I’ve never bought anything from a thrift shop unless it was for a Halloween party. *shameful* Someone needs to teach me the art of thrifting.

Isn’t this little girl the cutest thing ever? And the composition of this picture, absolutely wonderful. So vintage. I am going to print this and put it on my cork board, I love it that much. Makes me grin every time.

I am obsessed with this look! I love that scarf, the jacket, the top… all of the colors and patterns playing together. It looks fabulous! I’m going to have to try and re-create this outfit this fall. Hurry Houston, bring the cold weather! Let me wear scarves and boots!


  So how is your Wednesday going? So far so good for me. I woke up in enough time to wash and dry my hair before school. Which is big for me, because usually I will do it the night before, and… I try to avoid using a hair dryer. I worry about the damage it does to my hair. Taking it from drastic wet to dry in 10 min isn’t natural. So when possible, I let it air dry.

 Made it to class on time again this morning. I usually do, but some days, traffic is particularly ridiculous. I always leave at the same time, and sometimes I’ll be right on time, sometimes I’ll be 5-10 min early, and then on rare occasions, I’ll be late. Monday, was one of those rare occasions. I am going to attempt to leave my house 15 min. earlier than usual. I’ve got to start going to bed earlier though!! I’ve been ready to go to bed by 11:00 or a little earlier every night, but this week it hasn’t been happening.

 The people at the coffee shop on campus are going to know me well this semester. *sigh* I think I’m going to bring a travel mug with me on work days so I can just go get hot water from them and use my own tea bags. They’ll give me hot water for free right? ….

What do you think about the layout above for Pineresting Wednesdays? Do you like it better like this or do you prefer all the pictures to be grouped together? I’m at school in between class and work so I couldn’t get them grouped together like I can on my computer at home. So, I tried something new.

I hope you’re all having a great day. It feels really good to just sit in the quiet lab right now and type my little heart away. Since school has started I’ve felt like everything has been stressed and rushed with the blog, and I really hate that. I’ve gotten away from the reason why I really started blogging, and that was to let it be a creative outlet for me!

Next month you’re going to be some changes here. Sponsoring is going to change a lot, different size spaces will be available, and I am considering doing away with swaps all together unless its something I am doing because I want to with someone. Its become a ton of work, making sure my ads are up on their blogs, getting everything coordinated for giveaways. Its just… been a lot. And I really want this blog to focus on more art, more writing, and much better content for you guys.

… I never type this much in my blog posts!! ^^ Crazy huh? So, if you made it though all that, thank you for reading! If you didn’t I don’t blame you. I tend to skim a lot of words… make that… a lot, almost, maybe always? *yikes* I have the tendency to gravitate towards a lot of photos and less words.

 Love you all! Happy Wednesday. <3

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  1. Love you! The little girl is sooooo adorable! All your pictures you post make me want to do something creative above my computer. Hmmm. :-)

  2. I like this new layout on your post! It’s interesting because not a lot of other blog do that. And isn’t school a kick in the butt? I feel like it takes a couple of months for me to get used to things and by that time, I’m almost done! It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve started and I’m already behind! Lame sauce. Can’t wait to see what your new blog layout will bring :)

  3. Love the pics. I am waiting on fall too. I bought riding boots last fall and this year I even bought skinny jeans to go with them. I dunno about the sweater cutting though because I don’t know how cold it will actually get. go to Buffalo Exchange for resale clothes though. Or the Goodwill in River Oaks!

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