Today, I am working on learning new coding, and trying to re-do my blog. I know… it wasn’t too long ago that I fixed it last time, May, I think? But… that’s one of the downfalls of being a graphic designer. You’re always critiquing your work, and wanting to improve.

Right now, I am wanting to go for a simpler look, that encourages artistic posts. Yeah, its pretty simple right now, but I’m wanting even more simple, less color everywhere. That way, when I posts a ton of pictures and color in my posts, you’ll be able to focus more on that!

SO- Who wants to take a poll? Do you think I will get the new blog design up tonight (my goal) or will it not be until Friday (likely)?

Oh, and btw- I am SOOO ready for fall! I want to get outside and take more pictures. I am seriously craving being able to go out and do it. But this heat is zapping my inspiration and energy to wander out and take pictures. *sigh* Fall come soon.

Tomorrow I will have a lovely treat to show you all! Some hand-drawn cute prints. I have been doing more of this, and I am challenging myself to draw something every day. Since starting back in school, its been easy for me, because I loose focus easily, so if I doodle and draw while I’m taking notes and listening to the lecture it helps me stay focused. . . Is that weird, or does everyone do this?



Mostly shoes and artwork today…



You haven’t forgotten about the GIVEAWAY have you??

(it ends on Friday)

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  1. I understand always wanted to re-vamp your blog. I design too, & I am always finding new ideas I want to try out on my blog. Hence a new design every few months. I think I’ll stick with my current one for a while though!

    Can’t wait to see your new look. :)

  2. I love those Paris themed TOMS! So cute, but so not happening for $150! I’m a new follower so I wanted to say hi! I love your blog, I’m excited to see what changes you make :)

  3. ohhhh I’m waiting to see your new blog-over girlie! can’t wait b/c I know you rock at your artistic ways so I shall be waiting!

    hope you have a fantab weekend!

    xo, Bev

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