I will continue with the regularly scheduled Pantone inspired pinterest Wednesdays next week. This week I just wanted to post some of my favorite Pinterest picks of the week. I hope you enjoy!

This cranberry bread looks heavenly!! Oh my. I can just taste it. Now that I’m starting to feel better, FINALLY, I’m getting my appetite better and I just want to eat yummy food. And bread like this? Top of the list! So much for loosing 3lbs while being sick…

These remind me of the chewy soft gooey chocolate cookies you make and roll in powder sugar. Yum… 

Okay, I’ll get off food now. I love this “I love You” canvas! This would be so adorable above our bed. I would like it even more if it was a fabric that I could mount to a frame/canvas though… Gonna have to look for that.

And of course, this wouldn’t be a Pinterest post by Bree if there wasn’t a beautiful Illustration right??

 Linking up with the lovely Michelle at The Vintage Apple! Be sure to check out her blog if you haven’t already.

 Don’t worry, be happy today! If you’re not happy with how the election came out, stay prayerful. If you are happy with how the election came out, stay prayerful.  God is still the one in control no matter who won or lost.

 And if you choose to voice your political opinions over social media today, be respectful. Don’t break friendships over this.

 Happy Wednesday! <3

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