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I go back and forth about this bedroom. There are elements I love, like thebed spread, the bedframe, and the picture frames themselves… not crazy about the actual pictures in the frames, or about the crazy looking lamp. But overall I posted this image because I love the color combination of the deep blue, honey gold, and rustic orange.

Beautiful Honey Gold Scarf! Doesn’t it make you just want to cuddle up in it? I think I would wear this scarf all the time if I owned it! It looks so pretty and comfortable. <3 

 I just love the pastels and lace in this outfit, and then to pair it with a pop of honey gold? I never would have put this outfit together. I’m glad to see images like this on pinterest that inspire me! Does pinterest fashion inspire you? Have you bought or put together certain pieces because of something you saw on pinterest? I sure have!

  I think we can all agree… a front porch with beautiful fall leaves all around us, a cup of coffee/tea, a blanket, and a journal. That would be fabulous right now. *Bree needs a vacation!*

This is an adorable outfit! I’d love to have that sweater and shirt combo!

 How are you loving these fall colors? I am just obsessed with them! I am even using the Fall Fashion Pantone 2012 colors ALL SEMESTER in the magazine I am creating for a class. That’s how obsessed I am with them. :)) My magazine is coming along great. I love the layout so far, and even though I have a ton more work to do, I am so excited for the end result. Its going to cost a lot to get it printed (about $50) so I know at the end of the semester I am going to be working on it a TON because I want to be 100% satisfied with it so I will be so proud to show it off in my portfolio.

 Plus.. its taught me so much about design, layout, and given me some fabulous inspiration for things in the future. Dream big people, dream big!

 Happy Wednesday!

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  1. im way into that gold/yellow right now, its gorgeous! im kinda back and forth on that room too, i love the wall color and the lamps are nothing short of awesome. love the vibrant artwork, and the shape of the headboard…ok, i love it…i think. :)

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