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Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I am continuing my Fall Pantone Series with Tangerine Tango! Last week was Rhapsody Purple, if you missed it, catch it HERE.

Shabby Apple, I believe we can all agree that they make the most adorable clothes and accessories, right? And yet, I haven’t bought anything from them yet! I really want a dress, but I’m so scared to buy things off the internet without trying them on. Have you ordered anything from Shabby Apple?

This looks divine. Especially since I am living off of double shot lattes this week. I don’t know whats going on, but I’m exhausted!

You guys all know I have a scarf obsession right? Doesn’t this look so wonderfully cozy? I want to wear something like this in the crisp fall air and go for a walk around cutesy shops with my hubs. Right now, he makes fun of me for wearing a scarf because we’re still hitting 80-85 degrees outside. *oh well* #wearitanyways

 I lovee that cute top! My friend has a top where she ties it in a bow and I think its adorable. I need to keep an eye out for one next time I get to go shopping.

 So how is everyone doing today? I hope you’re all having a great start to your week. I’m doing really good, Monday was an awesome day for me. Except… I was having a great day, work was going good, I was getting some headway on a club I was in, and then at 1:30 the power went out throughout the whole school! Crazy right? So, we got to leave at like 2pm and go home! lol. So, I guess it was a good thing. It was nice to be able to go home and take a breather. I just hope to keep that momentum going at work today, just like there was on Monday.

 I have a question for you all, when you are super tired and can’t seem to stay awake, what do you do to wake up? Right now, I’m doing double shot lattes (as I mentioned above). Also, in between classes (or sometimes in the middle of class) I try to get up and go walk around the hallways or step outside for a moment and get some fresh air to try and wake me up.

 So what works for you? I feel like I’m getting not a horrible amount of sleep. Probably 6 1/2 hours, which I hear is normal for most people. And getting 8 hours isn’t really possible right now, although I did try and go to bed an hour earlier last night… problem was, hubs wasn’t tired so he kept the light up reading, so that extra hour wasn’t a full sleep hour. :P He gets hooked into his books and will stay up until 2am if I don’t bug him. *smh* I’m not that way, I’d rather sleep. Are you guys book worms like him or would you rather sleep?

 NEWS! Tomorrow my friend Zie is going to be posting here on the blog about illutrating! I am sooo excited about this. She is such an awesome creative person, and I can’t wait for you guys to see this post. If you haven’t heard of Zie yet, head on over to her blog and check it out. It is sure to inspire you! 

 Happy Wednesday! 
(ps- when I typed that, I typed Happy Monday… oops. It doesn’t feel like Wednesday to me already!)

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  1. I have actually read somewhere that too much coffee will not give you the desired affect for “energy” that you are looking for. I would suggest a glass of water and a few stretches followed by a brisk walk and some good dark chocolate. :-) I LOVE you and the color you picked this week! ;-)

  2. Scarves are amazingly easy to become obsessed with! We have like 30 beautiful ones at my job and I just want to snatch them all up!

  3. I love that tangerine tango color, its actually one of my favorite colors. I am a book worm myself, it actually helps my imagination and helps me go to bed faster at night. I should probably try that tonight. In between classes and during the day, I try to take a breather like you and sit still for a while and allow my mind to be cleared before resuming other activities I need to get done.

  4. I absolutely love this color! And that scarf looks so amazing…like the perfect accessory to any outfit. This color just reads fall. Thanks for sharing! I’m popping over from the GFC blog hop.

  5. Love this! That bow top is gorgeous and I love the outfit you created! So very fall! Popping over from the GFC blog hop. Really loving your blog!

  6. @Cindy…yes, Iced water is good for waking up! Starting your day with a little physical activity, even if its a 20 min walk or stretching. This gets you up and awake and prepares you for the rest of the day!

    *SCARVES* O. My. Gosh. I love, love, love, scarves!!! I wear them a lot and my family doesn’t get it bc its still warm, but they just add so much to an outfit! I love that orange scarf, I’ll definitely be trying that style once it’s cooler! :)

  7. Oh and I love reading…I’m reading about 5 books right now lol Last night I was so into my book I really didn’t want to go to sleep…but my eyes had other plans haha! :)

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