Todays Pinteresting Wednesday is starting my Pantone Color Inspiration series for the Fall 2012 Pantone colors! So see what I am loving this fall the beautiful purple colors as well! Today- Featuring Rhapsody!

  1. Wouldn’t that cozy sweater blanket be devine for your bed this fall? I would love to have it!
  2. Love the color combinations happening in this outfit! So beautiful, chic, and fall!
  3. I love this illustration!
  4. This is a little too scrapbooky for me, but I like the way they made her dress out of maps! Plus- it totally goes with our color inspiration for today!
  5. Love this image! Push out of your comfort zone and amazing things will happen.
  6. Love this outfit! Perfect for fall- imo.
Happy Wednesday Lovelies! PS- What color would you like to see next?

8 Responses

  1. Orange… :-) LOVE the purple!!! You know how much… I have been too scared to ask Dad if we can paint a couple of walls in our room purple. LOL I can hear him now. *sigh*

  2. I LOVE the illustrated dress! Very vintage and love the full skirt!!

    Great pins girlie! Hope all is going swell for your week thus far!

    xo, Bev

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