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Wednesday. Today is for Pinterest. And Typography. Are you sick of either of these yet? Because I could post on these things every day.

I love the cleanness of this. Its such an awesome design.

Such a cool clean space! And those floors? Amazing!

This is such a great poster! So creative. And who doesn’t love Singin’ in the Rain?
I am trying to experience more with typography. I love how they made this look.

I loveee this whole outfit!! Just all of it. Shoes, jacket, shirt, skirt, watch. Love it! 

 Well see, it wasn’t all typography! I threw in some lovely fashion and interior decorating as well.

 How is your week going? I’m still trying to kick this cold. Right now, its kicking my butt. And with my schedule whenever I get home I am just wanting to sleep. Working out hasn’t happened yet this week, but I’m hoping to go to the gym tonight and at least walk and do some weights. Probably not running, since I’m constantly fighting a headache. 

 I’ve been working on some really neat designs. I have a typography one I just finished that I am going to show you guys. Its on my home computer though and right now I am at the school.

 Third day of work today, starts in an hour. I’m currently working on a Tri-Fold directory for the college campus I’m working at. Pretty excited! Because a lot of people are going to use it! How awesome is that? Pretty awesome- imo.

 Other than school & work, I have a few blog designs I am working on. I seem to be very busy right now. But I really love it! I just wish I could kick this cold asap so I won’t be so wore out!

 Well- I’m off to eat lunch and find some hot tea. I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Happy Wednesday! <3

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