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Well hey friends, welcome to WordPress! I made the switch this week from blogger to wordpress, and I hope I haven’t lost any of y’all! I am still trying to figure everything out completely, and am working on making it look more and more like my space every day. Its still a little foreign to me, I feel like I am guest posting on someones blog! I was on blogger for over 3 years (I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for that long)

My friends and family keep asking me why I went to all the trouble of making the switch. And the simple answer is this: I wanted to take my blog to the next level.

Ready for the longer answer?  When you’re on blogger, google owns all of your content. Not saying they’re going to do anything with it, but that’s the truth. And since they own your blog, they also have the power of randomly taking away everything you’ve done! Now, that’s a terrifying thought. One day waking up and my blog, all my posts, everything I’ve worked so hard on, would be gone? *yikes!*

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What I liked about blogger- it is so easy to use, very beginner friendly! I got to where I knew blogger inside and out. I learned all about coding on that platform, how to customize it to make it look exactly how I wanted. So that was nice…

Click to read more about what I like about WordPress:

What I like about WordPress- I own my content. And while I don’t know how to make it look exactly how I want, I was able to get a theme and tweak it to what I want. I’ve already played with the code on this platform, and its not too bad to figure out. If coding scares you to death, then I’d just pick a theme that you love, install it, or hire a friend to help you do it (I do work for coffee and pastries). Then once you have a theme, create a custom header yourself, I recommend using PicMonkey (its free!) or hire a designer – like me – to do it for you.

The other thing I like about WordPress is the plugins! This is something you don’t have with blogger and it makes things a lot easier! Example- I wanted an easy way for y’all to connect with me on social media, now look over at the sidebar! Super easy, all you have to do is “like” or “follow” and you don’t even have to leave the webpage. There’s a lot of other neat plugins I’m still learning about, and hoping to find one to help me out with my Recipes & DIY pages (if you know of one- let me know!)

*bonus* while inserting the picture above ^ I found out you can edit the size down to the pixel right here in WordPress! Now that will save me a lot of time = better content for you!

The other thing I’ve done since getting on WordPress is creating a newsletter sign-up form. I’m planning on sending out weekly (or maybe twice a month…) newsletters. They will contain updates from the blog, but also you’ll get special discount codes that I won’t show on the blog. Newsletter fans only! So make sure you sign up and don’t miss out on any awesome offers I come across.  The sign up is in the sidebar –> so make sure you do that before you leave.

So…. Welcome to WordPress! I hope you keep reading, as I’m going to be sharing a lot of tips on blogging coming up soon. I’m starting a series called “Blogging on the Cheap!” You don’t want to miss it.

-Happy Friday-

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  1. Yay! Sounds like a great move. You’re going to have to teach me. Also, I want to know the costs associated with moving to WordPress. Can’t wait for your new series!

  2. So even though if I own my own domain, and my site is through blogger when I own my own domain, Google still owns my content? I don’t like that. But blogger is so easy to use. I have been blogging for three years as well! I should learn the coding though. I have my blog the way I want it, and I like it. I have been thinking of moving my blog to WordPress, maybe that will be my next project.

    Anyway, I am a new reader to your blog, and as a way to get acquainted, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. The Liebster helps expands blog audience, and helps you get to know other bloggers out there. I can see that your blog is already popular, but you can use the award as a way to meet other bloggers.

    Here is the link if you are interested: http://www.barefootinbluejeansblog.com/2014/08/liebster-blog-award.html

    Courtney from Barefoot in Blue Jeans

    1. Yes, they still own the content. I’ve heard horror stories of people going to their site and everything being completely gone! :(

      Thanks for the nomination! :)

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