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What is Stitch Fix? A Box Review

What is stitch fix


I got my very first Stitch Fix subscription box this month. Full disclosure – no, I am not a Stitch Fix partner, and I am not getting paid to show this information. Although I would love to work with them, if you work at Stitch Fix… call me!

Here’s the thing guys *small rant ahead,* bloggers need to make money. If we are able to partner with brands or share affiliate links to keep providing you guys with free content, then that’s what we’re going to do. It is my goal to start making money on my blog within the next year but here’s one thing I can promise you: I will never show you guys a product or brand that I do not 100% love, use, and would spend my own hard-earned dollars on. You’re never going to get fake content from me, and when you click on my links to shop you’ll never get charged more for doing so. If anything, I’m going to be able to provide you guys with discounts!

That being said, I do have a referral code for you guys for Stitch Fix, again, they’re not paying me. But when you use my link you’ll get $25 credit for your Stitch Fix box, and I get $25 credit as well! win-win! Here’s the link if you want to sign up right now. Otherwise, keep reading for some FAQ about Stitch Fix and how I honestly felt about this first box. Spoiler alert! I kept 1 item and sent 4 items back!

First! What is Stitch Fix?

It is a subscription box that you can get monthly, quarterly or just schedule as you need. You go in and fill out your profile, your sizes, clothing preferences, and answer some questions so they can get to know your style. You even go through some pictures and pick outfits that are more your style so your stylist can get to know you. I was able to share my Instagram account and LinkedIn profile so they could really get to know me. Super fun!

So then after you do that you schedule your first box, I chose the quarterly option. You can just do one box and try it out and never have to do it again if you don’t like it! You get your box in the mail, try on the pieces, keep what you want, and return what you don’t. What I really love is you can set the price range for the items you want to get, so it works if you’re on a budget like me. You’re charged $20 once your box is being prepared to ship, but you get to use that $20 credit towards the purchase of any items you want to keep. If you don’t like anything at all then that $20 will go towards the next box. So if you only like one piece and don’t want to it again, just use that $20 credit, buy the piece and then don’t ask for another box. No strings attached.


What is stitch fix


Item One: Floral Top, $36

Floral flowy top. Now, at first glance, this was the item I was most excited to try on! It even looks cute in this picture. However, if I stood up straight (because I’m totally not in this picture) it was wayyyyy too short. In this picture I even have it tied down lower than it’s supposed to be, which gives it a little keyhole. If I were to tie it where it’s supposed to be then I have a 3″ gap between the shirt and my jeans. So… cropped is for some, not for me. I also have a longer torso and short legs, so that may have done it too. Even with high waisted jeans, I wasn’t feeling it.



How much is stitch fix?


Item Two: Off the shoulder blouse, $48

This cute little off the shoulder option was the second shirt I got and I really loved it! This is not something I would have ever picked up in a store to try on, and that’s truly why I like things like Stitch Fix. It makes me try on things someone else picks out for me and gets me out of my comfort zone. It fit perfectly in my shoulders, I didn’t have to keep pulling it up or down, and the little ties on my arms were cute. It was flowy and could be worn tucked or untucked. I think it will be a great piece to wear in spring and throughout summer, with shorts, colored denim, or my go-to… regular jeans.

Kept it!



Items three and four: Black Lace Blouse, $46  |  Denim, $78

Alright, how cuteeee is this black top with the lace sleeve detail? I could envision this with so many different outfits. Like some cute black joggers or a floral skirt… yes! So the only problem with it is the arms were slightly tight on me. I have thick arms, yey, and while it didn’t look bad, I wasn’t comfortable and knew I would end up pushing it to the back of my closet over and over again. It wasn’t bringing me joy.

The denim was great! Butter is how I would describe them. Extremely comfortable, a pair that I knew I could wear all day long and not hate my life. you know what I mean, right? However, I just bought 3 pairs of jeans for Thrive, so that was the last thing I needed to spend my budget on. I went in and adjusted my Stitch Fix profile after this to make sure they didn’t send me jeans again. Totally my fault, I left that box checked for them to send me jeans… I blame the coffee for not working all the way.



Are Stitch Fix clothes new or used?


Item five: Earrings, $26

Earrings! So for those that don’t know, it wasn’t until this past fall that I got my earrings pierced. I think I still need to do a blog post about this… my sister and I went together, she’s 24 I’m 29. We’re about to have milestone birthday’s in a couple of months (25 and 30) and our birthdays are only 11 days apart… who knows what we’ll do next. Took us this long to get our ears pierced, maybe sister tattoos?

Anyways… so you can get jewelry! I opted yes for earrings since I’m currently working on building up my collection. These were cute, super lightweight, which is important to me. However, I almost never wear orange. I have one orange item of clothing… so orange just isn’t my thing. If they had sent me any other color I definitely would’ve kept them!


So my total came out to $48 for the one top, minus the $25 credit for just signing up came to a total of $23 for the top!



How much is Stitch Fix each month?

There are different options for how often you get your Stitch Fix box. Monthly, Quarterly, or just as you need it. Every time they create a box for you you’ll get charged $20. You then get to use that $20 as a credit towards anything you end up keeping and purchasing! So technically… it costs nothing to get the box if you buy something. If you don’t buy anything you don’t lose that credit, it just sits and waits for you until you order another box! So then the next time you’d have $40 credit.


Where do you return Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix send you a pre-paid priority mailbag that you just slip all the clothes into that you want to return, and you just drop it back in the mail. So easy!


Can Stitch Fix exchange sizes?

Yes! Cool right? After you try on your clothes you go online, pick which ones you want, want to exchange sizes on, or return. If you click exchange you tell them what size you want and they’ll get it sent your way.


Are Stitch Fix clothes new or used?

Brand new! I do not like clothes that are used… I wish I could do it. Goodwill or thrifting is not my thing. I get really grossed out… I just can’t do it.


I’m excited to get my next Stitch Fix box in a few months, I signed up to get them quarterly. I also signed up Brannon for his own Stitch Fix box since they have men’s and children’s boxes now! His box comes at the end of the month, and I’d be lying if I was saying I wasn’t excited to share that with you guys. He joked a few weeks ago about sharing his outfits on the blog, well, jokes on him because it’s happening! 

Have you guys ever tried a clothing subscription box like Stitch Fix?

Don’t forget, if you want to try it and get that $25 credit just click here to use my link!

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  1. I love the blue strip top you keep with the pretty pink flowers. It looks good. Great to see you here! I’m watching your video today. I just got my 1st box on Thursday! I felt late to the party my sister was on her 27th box! haha.

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