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What is Tybee Island Like? A Travel Guide

What to do in Tybee Island


Hey friends, I am so excited to share this blog post with y’all. The only thing I’m not excited about is the fact that I don’t have a ticket to Georgia right now to get to Tybee Island! This was one of our favorite spots we visited on our trip, we still talk about it. As soon as you drive on Tybee you’re on Tybee time.

Where to stay on Tybee Island:

There was a campground on the island that was one of our favorite campgrounds. It was nice and clean, great amenities, and has such a wonderful staff. We even went to a potluck while we were there! Plus, it was within walking distance of the beach. Once we parked our trailer we didn’t need to get in our truck for the rest of the trip. We biked the entire island, so if you are driving to Tybee and have bikes bring them! Otherwise, you can rent bikes or cute golf carts to get around the island, there are places all over where you can do that.

If you’re staying on the island and don’t want to stay at a campground there a couple of fun options for you!


where to stay on tybee island



Aren’t they so cute? I think renting one of these cottages on Tybee Island would be perfect for any vacation, a family reunion, girls getaway, or a business retreat! I’m talking myself into it… all of them. Who’s ready to meet me on Tybee?


Where is Tybee Island


What’s Tybee Island Like?

Relaxing! It’s true that once you go on the island you’re on Tybee Time. I think what we loved so much about it was the slow pace. Catching the sunset or the sunrise, having a campfire and s’mores, and enjoy 5 miles of public beach. The other thing we loved was not having to drive! There’s something about going on vacation and not having to drive your car anymore just makes you feel more relaxed, right? Maybe that’s just us!

My favorite bike ride was biking from our campground down to the pier at the other side of the island. Instead of taking the main road we went parallel to it so we could look at all the adorable beach cottages! They’re all so bright and colorful. Each of them has their unique names and style… new goals, own a cute beach cottage on Tybee Island, give it a name, and make sure there is a matching golf cart to go with it!

Fun things to do on Tybee Island:

  • Pack a picnic and take it to the beach!
  • Go in the Tybee Lighthouse – it’s Georgia’s oldest and tallest lighthouse
  • Visit the little shops on the north side of the island (The Shops at 1207)
  • Get pizza and beer at Hucapoos (right next to The Shops at 1207!)
  • Frozen Daiquiris – head down towards the pier on the south side of the island, several daiquiri places to choose from. They all have over 20 different flavors with endless combinations.
  • Check out the Tybee Pier and Pavilion, watch people fish (or fish yourself!) and people watch



What to do on Tybee Island



How is Tybee Island Beach?

Here is a list of all the official beaches, and you can read more information on each spot. Remember, it is an island so the entire north and eastern side is one big beautiful beach. Some spots will be more crowded than others, you just have to explore and find where you love to be the most! South Beach is going to be the busiest spot but it’s also where the lifeguards, food, and shopping are! If that’s important to you, that’s where you should go.

Our favorite spot was North Beach. The sand isn’t quite as soft as South Beach but it is quieter, has lots of seashells, the lighthouse is there, you can also see an old fort there, and you have a couple of restaurants to choose from. We also saw dolphins here, and it was within walking distance of the campground we stayed at. It was magical. If you’re going to go camping this campground was one of our favorites out of our entire year long trip!





Where’s Tybee Island Located?

Tybee Island is located in Georgia! If you’re flying in you’ll fly in to Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. It’s a quick 45-minute drive to the island.


How far is Tybee Island from Savannah?

Just 30 minutes if you’re on the furthest point inland on Tybee Island! We did a day trip over to Savannah and it was so much fun. Savannah is a gorgeous city and when we make it back to Tybee we will definitely do Savannah again. Forsyth Park alone was worth it. There are so many gorgeous homes to see, the beautiful Spanish moss, great food, I could go on and on. When you head to Tybee if you have an extra day make sure you go to Savannah, even if it’s just for a half day excursion.



Whew! We’ve reached the end of the ride. I could totally be a tour guide, right? I hope this post was helpful! If it was, please leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve been to Tybee Island or Savannah, and if not, let me know if I’ve convinced you to add it to your list!


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      1. Hello, thank you for this very informative post.
        I will be staying on Tybee Island August 3rd-6th, I’m staying at a bed and breakfast there. Very excited.
        Taking a day trip to Savannah, with a booked tour of the city, and have dinner reservations at Vic’s on the water.
        So excited, cant wait.

  1. Thanks for introducing me to another place to add to our vacation list. We are always looking for a place that doesn’t require us driving a lot. Those cottages look adorable.

  2. Been to Tybee several times and have camping reservations for this summer..We are transplants from Albany NY and just love this ” snowless” area..we drive 1 hour from SC home and it’s well worth it

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