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What matters most…

Its the little things in life that matter the most… or so the song goes.
Moments of laughter with your family. That knowing look your husband/significant other gives you.
A new experience. The journey.

The little things in  life…
Its not about the biggest house. The most expensive car. The biggest TV.
What is it really about?

Those that were affected by this disaster in Oklahoma weren’t concerned with those big things.
Not their house. Not their cars. Not their belongings.

They were concerend about their family and friends. Were their loved ones safe? Where were they.
All they wanted was to hear from them, see them, and hold them close.

Take the time today to smell the roses. Cherish those moments with your loved ones, and hold them close to you.

Pray for those affected by this disaster, and be thankful every day for those that you have around you. There may be fights between loved ones, strife, anger, whatever it is… love, forgive, and move on. Mend those relationships, for that is what matters the most.

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