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OMG. You guys, as you may know, I went and saw Wicked! on Friday night with hubs.


Two words. MIND BLOWN.

Three words. TAKE ME AGAIN!!!

I have never in my life heard anyone sing that amazing. Jennifer Dinoia, who played Elphaba was absolutely amazing. I am in love with the “Wicked” Witch. Also- I went into this knowing nothing about the story!

PS- I have always hated The Wizard of Oz. (don’t hurt me). And may I just say. I was SOOO happy when Dorothy turned out to be bad! I knew I didn’t like her for a reason!!

And Haley Podschun played Glinda. Her character was so awesome and had us laughing constantly. Haley was phenomenal and did such an amazing job.

The set was gorgeous, the actors were amazing. Basically I am obsessed. I might be totally am planning a Wicked! party for the weekend of Halloween. I’m pretty excited. :)




Have you ever seen Wicked!? What did you think?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I saw it on Broadway and I wanted to love it buuuuut… I might have fallen asleep. I blame the fact that I drank far too much at the wedding we attended the night before. Oops. I know, THAT is definitely blasphemy! Most expensive nap ever.

  2. When I went to go see it I knew nothing of the story either. And I had your exact same reaction! It’s wonderful! I saw on IMBD.com that they are making a movie to come out next year! Which I am so excited about because then I’ll be able to watch it whenever I want. Granted it won’t be as good as seeing it live, but still!


  3. I LOVE the music. But I’ve never seen the play, can’t afford it yet. But one day I will! And for now I will soak in everyone else that gets to see it because that makes me happy :)

  4. Oh, my goodness! LOVE Wicked! It’s one of the few Broadway shows I simply could not get enough of. When I was studying abroad, my mom came to visit me and we went to see Wicked and the Lord of the Rings Musical. While I’m a huge LOTR fan, I just . . . Wicked was just too incredibly amazing.
    And I’m with you–went in not really knowing the story and really not a fan of the Wizard of Oz. Kinda weirds me out . . . still . . .
    So glad you enjoyed the show. If you throw that Wicked party, be sure to post pics! Can’t wait to see it!

  5. I originally read your post on my phone, but I never try to comment from my phone browser.

    a.) I’m so glad you loved it! I’ve followed the musical since it’s pre-Broadway run in San Francisco back in 2003 after I read the book. Have you read the book? Girl, get on it! SO GOOD. You’ll love Gregory Maguire’s storytelling about society’s “truths” about good and evil through Elphie and Galinda.

    b.) When I lived in NYC, I watched Wicked from the first row… twice! (Two friends won the lottery tickets on different occasions!) I think that musical is so magical.

    c.) Also, when I lived in NYC, one of the aforementioned friends also won the lottery tickets to Hairspray, and we saw Haley Podschun as Penny Pingleton. That girl is pure gold. We met her at the backstage door afterward, and we were blown away by the fact that she was only 20 at the time. She is so great!

    d.) READ. THE. BOOK.

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